How to Undo Plugin Updates in WordPress?

Trevor WatkinsWordPress Maintenance, WordPress Updates

Perhaps you updated a few plugins which caused another plugin or feature on your website to break. Instead of restoring your entire website from a backup, you can save time by simply rolling back your plugin update versions. If you don’t have a WordPress Maintenance Package and need to resolve this issue on your own, then continue reading…

Step 1: Install the WP Rollback Plugin

The WP Rollback Plugin can be a lifesaver for you and is commonly used by developers who manage WordPress websites. The plugin provides the ability to rollback to previous versions of plugins and themes to quickly remediate any issues on your website. WP Rollback will help you to evaluate plugins one-by-one to pinpoint exactly which one caused your website to break.

Install and Activate the plugin.

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Step 2: Start the Rollback

Once you have the plugin installed, start the rollback on each update that was recently performed until you can see your website is functioning normally. Once you see your website is functioning the way you intended, you can continue to update all your plugins and themes with the exception of the one that cause the issues.

Select what version you want to rollback to.

Step 3: Find a Solution

This step can be a bit complicated. Unless you have someone managing your website or a WordPress Maintenance Package, it will be up to you to reach out to plugin/theme developers to find a solution. If you are having issues with a popular theme, most of the time the issue is resolved very quickly, though sometimes it takes reaching out to the developers to fix the issue. Until you find a solution or a patch is released to fix the issue, your best bet is simply to keep the plugin or theme on its current version so it does not cause any problems.

The WP Rollback Plugin can be a huge timesaver for you or whoever is managing your website. This is a “must install” plugin that we recommend to all websites we build, especially if we are not managing the beyond its initial build with one of our WordPress Maintenance Packages.

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