JPG vs PNG: Which Should I use in my WordPress Site?

Trevor WatkinsWeb Design, WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Quick Tips What is a PNG? A PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is a file format used for lossless image compression. This means you can resize or compress the image without any loss of its original quality. If you need to save an image or graphic repeatedly, a PNG will retain its quality since it stores and retains more image data than a JPG file. PNG files also provide the ability to utilize transparent space within the image footprint. …

What is Responsive Web Design? Is Not Having It Hurting Your Business?

Trevor WatkinsResponsive Web Design, UI/UX, Web Design

If you are buying a website that does not include responsive design… Your website is already out-of-date. 81% of Americans own smartphones. (Pew Research Center – Mobile Fact Sheet)  It is imperative that your website responds smoothly on different devices in today’s world. Any web design service that does not include responsive design with their website builds is doing you a disservice. Responsive web design should be standard today.  What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is exactly what …