As more and more businesses transition to primarily online marketplaces, and consumers increasingly rely on the web for shopping and business transactions, the importance of having an updated and relevant website is growing exponentially. Your website can be thought of as a second store, visible to anyone who uses the internet. Just as an unmaintained, designed, organized, or dirty brick-and-mortar store would cost you customers, a low-quality website can do the same. The presentation of a brand, and the way a company displays itself to its customer base, is every bit as important to the success of a company as the products or services themselves.

Not only does a poorly designed and structured site hurt your customer base via aesthetics and function, it also affects how your company ranks in searches within your industry and will ultimately decrease site traffic.

White Box Create offers a full range of site optimization services. From content structure, to overall design, to keyword optimization, to web tools, we will work with you to build a site that serves its intended purpose flawlessly, while remaining representative of your company values and vision.

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