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Social media advertising is everywhere now, and WBC is here to help you set up your next campaign. We understand it can be overwhelming to choose between the abundance of social media ad platforms, formats, and options. These options can be very different depending on whether you are a B2C or B2B business. We utilize each platform appropriately depending on your business, and set up ads targeting specific demographics, to ensure your ads are being seen by the proper eyes.


of Americans use Facebook

facebook marketing

As a business it is critical, at the very least, to maintain a professional and current facebook page. Facebook is another avenue to your customers and should not be neglected.


Facebook ads offer exceptional demographic targeting and can get you product or service directly in front of interested customers. Don't let their invasion of our privacy go to waste . . .  leverage that data!

We take the hassle out of selecting the proper ad formats, graphics, and demographics by handling all that for you. Tell us about your business, and we will do the rest.

Advertise on Facebook Get a Facebook Page "Face-lift"




People use Instagram on a daily basis

instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the most frequently used social media platforms and can play a huge role in getting your business in front of prospective customers. Build your brand, be known, utilize this powerful platform.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and can utilize all of the same demographic targeting and ad prioritization techniques. This ensures that your ad money does not go to waste on users who have no interest in your services.

Let us select the graphics and demographics based on your business and funnel all those active users to you.

Advertise on Facebook Get a Facebook Page "Face-lift"




linkedin marketing

It is important for any business to represent themselves well on Linkedin, but especially when your business revolves around B2B sales. Linkedin is where professionals go to do WORK. If you are trying to connect to decision-makers, Linkedin is your platform.


Linkedin ads can be targeted by industry, employee position, location, company size, and many other filters to ensure you are impacting the right individuals.

Before beginning any ad campaign, we will discuss your objectives with you to ensure you are reaching your market. Let us take care of the ads, so you can run your business.

Advertise on Facebook Get a Facebook Page "Face-lift"



We understand that every company is unique, which is why we work closely with you learning about your company and it’s branding message.  Each social media platform has its benefits depending on what type of leads you are trying to gain.  Facebook and Instagram are great for B2C where LinkedIn is better for B2B.  Either way work closely with you to make sure you are targeting the right people and getting the most out of your budget.