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Stars Design Group

This client went from having a website that was a wall of text and seemed to be built by a pirate trying to hide his secret treasure which in the case was important page content.  It really was a hunt trying to find what it really was you were originally looking for, but we fixed them up and brought them to the 21st century with sonar, x-ray, and amazing design making pirate hunts not that fun anymore. But finding the information you want easy.


Genesis Pharmacy

You know when you visit a doctors or dentist office and it just has that smell that lets you know you’re in a doctors/dentist office, or maybe you can tell it’s the same carpet and chairs from 1994 when they first opened the building?  That’s sort of how this site felt when we first took hold of it.  It was a shame because their office has some of the most advance pharmacy equipment in the country and their site did not represent a business of advancement or remove any wired doctor office smells.  We brought in our design/smell bomb, tented the place up, now it looks and smells better than any doctors, dentist, pharmacy office I’ve ever been to.  Just go look!


Groves Powers LLC

Whenever you need an attorney, I think the first thing a lot of us do is Google search for one, unless you know one already.  Well the last time I was searching for an attorney and correct me if I’m wrong, I felt like I was visiting the same site for the most part with a different attorney’s face and name on the site. What’s with all the unnecessary flare most of these sites have that only annoy the user like automated contact pop-ups?  We worked closely when building a brand-new site for Groves Powers LLC so it’s easy to see they wanted something simple, designed well, and classy for their current and potential clients to use.  We were completely on board with their decision and they couldn’t be happier with their site that truly stand out from the rest without all the gimmicks.


Range Professional Services

Another site we are truly proud of!  Not only do we use Range Professional Services, they use us too!  This was a true from the ground up build including logo design.  When starting out in professional services it’s important to stand out from the rest because so many are already doing it and have a solid client base.  You need something that is going to last into the future, and we feel we accomplished that with Range Professional Services design.


There is a design and vision for everyone.

As you can see, website design can vary depending on the client’s message and how they want to be seen professionally.  We take that into consideration as we work with you making sure you are truly being represented the way you envisioned.


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