Content creation is one of the most important parts of your website health as you are adding fresh new content to feed all the search engines crawlers.  We offer content creation through blogs, news/PR, and e-books.  When creating content, you want to make sure it’s something people want to read, and information people are searching for.  We make content that is well researched, engaging, and will produce search volume.


Blogs are the most efficient and effective way to start adding new content to your website. Weekly/Monthly blog posts show search engines like Google that your site is live and active which equates to higher search rankings.



Have something newsworthy you need to tell the world about? WBC is experienced in writing press releases and making sure the format is appropriate/optimized for your big release.



An E-Book is a large piece of content that is excellent for providing a detailed guide regarding a service, or to offer free professional guidance to establish your company as a thought leader.


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