White Box Create is an innovative web marketing company that was established in January, 2017. James Haithcoat and Trevor Watkins started WBC to address a critical gap in the services available through other web marketing companies, and to provide a more thoughtful approach to the way that companies interact with their clientele.

After evaluating the services of web marketing firms in the St. Louis area, it became apparent that many of them take a stepwise approach to marketing plans. They each have their “10 Steps” that are implemented across all industry types, to improve the visibility of their clients. While this strategy has some level of success, it is generic and limits the real potential of their clientele. It is the belief, and proven strategy of WBC that in order to have the largest impact on your market, the marketing plan must be constructed around the industry, values, and objectives of each company individually.

Therefore, every technique that White Box Create employs is strategically designed using thorough market research and constant data analysis to provide the BEST results possible for your industry. Each plan is built from scratch and continuously updated and reevaluated during the execution. WBC also utilizes the field expertise of our clients by maintaining a close and transparent relationship throughout the process, gaining an increasingly better understanding of the industry and company goals.



James has spent 11 years in data analytics working with large commercial government contractors to apply innovative technical solutions and workflow efficiencies to data management problems. He also studied Graphic Design and Marketing at the University of Missouri, and has been able to mesh these abilities with his technical data analysis experience to assemble an optimized skillset for data-driven web marketing.


At the age of 10, Trevor pulled two broken computers out of a dumpster and repaired them with no prior knowledge of computer hardware. Since that time, his love for technological innovation and advancement has only grown. He has performed freelance SEO work for a wide variety of companies over the years, and has studied web optimization specifically for over 6 years. His deep knowledge of UI/UX, search engine algorithm operation, and web user psychology is a great asset in maintaining and optimizing web marketing solutions.